An Entertaining Guide To Wedding Photography

Are you a wedding photographer who loves clicking photos of those in love? It is a special day in their lives and a beginning of a wonderful journey. Yes, this profession can be very stressful because the bride and groom to be will have their own ideas, many that are not technically sound, thus making it very difficult for you to execute.

If you visit, you will know you are not alone when it comes to meeting the demands of a wedding party.

Your Guide To Wedding Photography

If you are signing up for a wedding photo shoot, more often than not there will be more than one event to cover and the bride and groom will also want a pre and post-wedding shoot. Before they can come on for the shoot, you can pass this entertaining guide to them, to make it easier on both of you.


Posing is very important for a photo to come out well. Remember what you pose is what a photographer can click. If you are going to pose like sitting on a calf but want it to look like you are sitting on a lion or even the groom, it will take a lot of work off the cameras. This will cost you and may not really look as original as the photo you used for inspiration.


When you say candid, a photographer shoots candid. They rarely ask you to pose like you are doing something and make it look like a candid shot. When you “pose” for a candid shot, it is definitely going to look forced and more often than not, we miss some minute detail which will, unfortunately, get highlighted when you post it on social media. Now we don’t want to be trolled for some “ingenious” shots, do we?


Photographers are open to new idea, provided it is something a DSLR camera can do. If you are expecting a James Cameron behind the camera to do wonders, you are going to be highly disappointed. When you have an idea, discuss it with the photographer before you start visualizing how the final photo will look like and what your tagline for it can be, on social media.

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