Your Love guru’s top love tips

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is not. External factors, unrealistic expectations and fantasies about love can interfere with accepting reality as it is. Modern day cinema and TV shows have corrupted the minds of the young and have altogether given a new face to love. So, if you are still confused about love, here are the top tips from your love guru:

  1. True love is all about learning to set free:

Trying to hold on to the loved one, being clingy can actually impact the relationship negatively. True love lets go. It is all about setting the loved one free and giving him or her space. Top modern and historic love quotes and romantic movies all talk about how letting go can actually help you bring the loved one close.

  1. Lower the expectations:

Love assumes different forms. The way people express love is also different. Lowering the expectations is the best first step to establish a long lasting love. Lower the expectations, fewer the disappointments.

  1. It is all about trust and honesty:

Being honest would make the relationship so much easier to handle. It would also make sure that you are loved for who you really are. And in the same way trust is another requisite in love. Honesty and trust are in fact the building blocks for a strong foundation.

  1. Do not forget to love yourself:

If you are in love you generally tend to put your loved one before yourself. But this should not make your forget about yourself. After all you can only give what you have. So if you really want to love someone with all your heart start with genuinely loving yourself for who you are. We are not talking about narcissistic love here but about acceptance.


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