Butt Plugs With Tails For Your Entertainment

Okay, I could not resist laughing the first time I saw them!

I was literally pink and had tears in my eyes. I could not believe that a fetish like this could even exist. I was like “whoever would be using them?”

A quick search on the internet proved that this one was not just too recent but also an extremely popular sex fetish for both the sexes. Was I living in some kind of stone-age to have not known about this?

Now I am quite choosy about what fetish I get myself into!
This one was clearly not my idea of fun!

But my partner gifted it to me and I could see that not only was he eager that I try it out but also that I try it immediately. What a dilemma I had thought!!

But then I did it!

And I am so glad that I did!!

I mean it was like the best time that I had had in a long long time. It gave me a nice thrust every time that I moved and also later when we made it out it made me feel really tight inside and I am sure he had a great time because he was persistent that I wear it every time we made it out.

Sometimes, things need to grow on you:

Looking back, I wonder sometimes how weirdly I had reacted the first time I saw it and I was bonkers after it after I was forced into using it. I mean never again did someone has to force me to use one. I have tried all of the variants including the one with tails and they are so much fun!

they look so cute, view at loveplugs:

Did I say Fun?! Oh, they are so cute to look at too. They get into you so easily with a nice lubricant that you can use to insert them. Once you got them in, you will never want to be out without them! Have fun!!

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