A Skincare Guide For Living In The Sun

Summer – one of the most awaited times by many who love the sun. Sunbathing, beach parties, swimming at sea, etc, are some of the many activities that are common when the sun is out. If you are one such person who loves the sun, you need to have sufficient skincare information before you step out.

Why Skin Care

Wondering why you need to take care of your skin in summer? When you are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, your skin undergoes a lot of damage, which is not visible to the eye, until it is too late.

Here is a comprehensive skin care guide for those living in the sun:


This is one of the most obvious and well-known products to be used while out in the sun. Many may feel this product may not really protect them from the sun. This product is not meant to protect your skin from a suntan but from sun damage. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun can leave some lasting damages to your skin. The sunscreen is meant to add a layer of protection.

One can get a variety of sunscreen, based on the protection required and the intensity of the sun in their area. If one is planning to get into the water, they should opt for a waterproof lotion and should also apply it a few minutes before stepping into the water. This will give your skin sufficient time to absorb it.


It is not just the surface of your skin that requires care and protection. The sun can dehydrate your skin from within, resulting in dry, patchy skin and early wrinkles. Drink a lot of water when out in the sun. Even if you are not thirsty, ensure you drink a few liters, by keeping a tab on the quantity you consume.

A well-hydrated skin will look healthy and fresh when compared to the dehydrated skin.

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Your Love guru’s top love tips

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is not. External factors, unrealistic expectations and fantasies about love can interfere with accepting reality as it is. Modern day cinema and TV shows have corrupted the minds of the young and have altogether given a new face to love. So, if you are still confused about love, here are the top tips from your love guru:

  1. True love is all about learning to set free:

Trying to hold on to the loved one, being clingy can actually impact the relationship negatively. True love lets go. It is all about setting the loved one free and giving him or her space. Top modern and historic love quotes and romantic movies all talk about how letting go can actually help you bring the loved one close.

  1. Lower the expectations:

Love assumes different forms. The way people express love is also different. Lowering the expectations is the best first step to establish a long lasting love. Lower the expectations, fewer the disappointments.

  1. It is all about trust and honesty:

Being honest would make the relationship so much easier to handle. It would also make sure that you are loved for who you really are. And in the same way trust is another requisite in love. Honesty and trust are in fact the building blocks for a strong foundation.

  1. Do not forget to love yourself:

If you are in love you generally tend to put your loved one before yourself. But this should not make your forget about yourself. After all you can only give what you have. So if you really want to love someone with all your heart start with genuinely loving yourself for who you are. We are not talking about narcissistic love here but about acceptance.


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Hire An Limo And Create An Unforgettable Moment

What screams class, success, style and happiness louder than a limo? So whether you have a special birthday to celebrate or make a moment unforgettable, hiring a limo is possibly one of the best ways to do it.

If you have a celebration planned, be it a birthday celebration or any special moment, arrange for a limo and do it in style and luxury. If you have a guest list of fewer than 10 people, limo is still your best bet. This Limo hiring services will make sure that your guest will never forget this ride in this life time. I personally had a great birthday with this Limo hire.

The Limo hiring service has some of the most state of the art services that add value to your precious celebration on a limo. Some of the services offered by them include:

  • Chauffer driven Limo
  • Premium quality sound system with music that is customized just for you. You can give them your list and amplify the sensations of the moment.
  • The music is brought to life with an additional service of laser lights that add value to your moment. You can now wish ‘Happy Birthday’ in a style like never before.
  • We respect the privacy of your special moment and so we have staff only behind a divider or available through intercom service.
  • For those who enjoy their special times with a drink, we have a well stocked bar at your service. This service is available at an additional cost. In addition, we also have non-alcoholic beverages also served along with catering services that are provided through the divider and intercom.
  • Other services with this limo hire include LCD screen, Blue Ray DVD players and other such services.
  • We also have a Smoke Machine in addition, for all those who enjoy a smoke.

They have an array of limo options to choose from. The prices of the service also vary accordingly.


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The Most Expensive Bags In The World

There is a huge list of the most expensive bags in the world. so is the case with bags and purses. Bags, Clutches, and purses are fashion accessories which women love to invest in and the more expensive the bag the most exclusive and unique it is.  women who are an extremely high profile and very rich prefer to buy such designer bags to flaunt their style quotient. Most of such ladies usually get their bags custom or tailored made and that too to match their designer outfits. Owning such fabulous and high-end accessories is often the fashion statements of the elite and upper classed women. 

The women who like to own luxury bags buy them because they are more of a status symbol more than anything else. How much they cost really won’t bother them as much if they come to know that it is an exclusive piece specially designed for them and it would be listed as one of the most expensive bags in the world. The things that matter more include the fact that it comes from a world-renowned brand and that it is certainly nothing but the best that can be made in this category of accessories. 

Louis Vuitton Bags  

Lv bags with diamonds on them are one their best and most exclusive products and definitely not a pick by someone who is not extra ordinary. These bags are simply divine and would be the dream of every woman who knows anything about bags and the fashion world. These diamond studded bags are worth every single penny that you would be paying for it and are a class apart from other bags. The diamonds are so beautifully crafted that you just don’t feel like taking your eyes off them and owning such a bag is indeed a matter of luxury and status.  

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Knowing Everything About YouTube Views

Not getting any views YouTube views on your latest video? If you are wondering how some channels manage to get millions of views while you aren’t able to garner even a few. There is a trick to it.

The pros in YouTube business give their videos an enhancement by buying YouTube views.

Wondering how YouTube view works? 

To give a video a ‘socially acceptable ‘and credible appearance, channels often ‘buy’ YouTube views. There are many websites available, that can generate these views by thousands.

So when your video has an appearance of having being watched by a significant number of people, it appears tempting for actual viewers to watch it too.

Viewers often bank on the number of ‘views’ a video has, before they watch it or subscribe to it. With a good number of YouTube views, chances are that your video will be watched by many real viewers and may even subscribe to your channel. This is an easy way to increase the number of loyalists and potential customers.

It also gets your video higher up rank wise and makes it appear like a new favourite.

Are there any disadvantages of this?

If you look up the internet there are many websites that offer varying number of views. These are not real views but are generated by websites either using bots or creating a few seconds long version of your video.

Care must be taken from which website you buy your YouTube views. While the reputed ones, might cost a little more, they have better chances of completing the task successfully.

If you opt for some shady ones, they might get many spam folders on your page. This may end up doing more bad than good, as there is risk of getting your page terminated or even banned.

Also, since these are unreal views, these views often don’t lead to any conversations in the comments section.

Though the number of ‘views’ might increase, you still have to work towards your actual ‘target audience’.

Buying YouTube views still done under closed doors, as it is not an acceptable practice.…

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